Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My talented brother-in-law

This is a layout I did of my brother-in-law David Owens. He is married to my sister Pat. I took this photo of him when we all vacationed together on Hilton Head. He has always loved photography and in the past few years has devoted more time to his passion. He is a very talented photographer and has the "eye" to seek out the beauty in nature. Not only is he an awesome landscape photographer, but he has quite the imagination for the abstract. I encourage you to check out his gallery on Flickr. You can access his work here. He also sells his work. If intrestered leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

When I took this photo I knew I wanted to digitaly add my title to the photo, so I lined the shot up to have a good size negative space to do this without distracting from my subject. ( David has taught me a thing or two about composition ) A little patten paper and minimal embellishments completed the page.

I am honored that David liked this layout so much that he has used it to create business cards for himself and he uses it as his identifer on his Flickr site. Thanks D.S.!  I guess my sister didn't do to bad when she brought you home! Love ya!!!

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  1. I'm the one who is honored by the soon tobe "Miss Scrapbook America". you should see the amazing work this "SCRAPPER" can do.
    Her work is for sale as well, and i can get you a discount, just let me know!
    Thank You,Lil Sister ;-))